Sarabande Books: Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry

We remain concerned that there is no “friend of the judge” clause, but hope that SB and their judges will choose winners fairly and honestly. Sarah Gorham said on April 1, 2005 that the poetry world is too small for a “no friends of the judge” rule.

  1. Jane Mead – The Lord and the General Din of the World 1995 Selected by Philip Levine
  2. Baron Wormser – When 1996 Selected by Alice Fulton
  3. Charles Wright chose his student, James Kimbrell, as winner in 1997.
  4. Aleida Rodriquez – Garden of Exile 1998 Selected by Marilyn Hacker
  5. Deborah Tall – Summons 1999 selected by Charles Simic soon after he’d written the introduction for a book she edited.
  6. Cate Marvin – World’s Tallest Disaster 2000 selected by Robert Pinsky
  7. Rick Barot – The Darker Fall 2001 selected by Stanley Plumly
  8. Carrie St. George Comer – The Unrequited 2002 selected by Stephen Dunn
  9. Karen An-hwei Lee – In Medias Res 2003 selected by Heather McHugh

Sarabande has published subsequent books by several of the perpetrators.