Jorie Graham

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  • taught at Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is now at Harvard.
  • selected her student, Joshua Clover , as winner of the Walt Whitman Award, which has since changed its guidelines .
  • selected her student, Michele Glazer , as winner of the Associated Writing Programs Award Series in Poetry in 1997, which prompted AWP to change its guidelines . Glazer, who studied with Graham at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, was awarded the Iowa Poetry Prize for her second book.
  • chose her student, Geoffrey Nutter , as winner of the Colorado Prize in 1999.
  • picked Iowa graduate James McCorkle for The American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Prize in Poetry published by Copper Canyon Press.
  • awarded the 2004 Barnard Women Poets Prize to her former student, Tessa Rumsey , whose first book was selected for the Georgia Contemporary Poetry Series by Jorie’s ex, James Galvin.
  • "’It’s hard to imagine how one could be a better teacher of poetry than she is,’ says Mark Levine , a former student who now teaches at Iowa himself."* He must have been a very good student, as Graham picked his first book for the National Poetry Series in 1992.
  • Presented her husband/Harvard colleague, Peter Sacks , with the Georgia Contemporary Poetry Series prize for his book.
  • A statement adopted in competitions to prevent judges from selecting students is often referred to as the Jorie Graham rule .

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