Forrest Gander

  • edits Lost Roads Publishers with wife, CD Wright.
  • Gander teaches at Brown and has taught at Iowa Writers’ Workshop and Harvard.
  • He selected Calvin Bedient’s manuscript for the University of Georgia Contemporary Poetry Series. He and Bedient now co-edit the the California Series together.
  • He selected Rusty Morrison’s manuscript for the Colorado Prize. Morrison is a graduate of St. Mary’s College, where Brenda Hillman teaches. Hillman, along with Bedient and Gander, is also an editor of the California series. Gander says he judged this contest blind and cannot name any of Hillman’s students. I concede that my questioning of this selection was a bit of a stretch.
  • Gander was on the panel for the most recent Lenore Marshall Prize, along with Hillman. Gander had an interesting connection to all five finalists out of 160 entrants.