Stepping Aside or Down

Perhaps you’ve heard the rumors. It’s true: I’m retiring from! The great news is that there’s a new team in place to take over the duties. And we all expect big, exciting changes. Matt Koeske will be chief administrator, and there are many others that I expect will take on roles as moderators in the forum. Others will be obtaining open records from the contests under scrutiny. Still others will be contributing in different capacities.

I want to thank everyone who visits this site, provides information, and challenges the status quo, which so many poets and universities seem to think is the acceptable way to do business. I have really enjoyed the two years on the site and I’ve made some incredible friends.

I will be working on a new project for the next six months or so, and then I hope to return to as a participant in whatever form it takes. I believe it’s going to be the premier place for poetry on the web and it’s in excellent hands!

P.S. Iowa’s prize guidelines and deceptive practices still suck. If you enter their contests, you help to perpetuate fraud.

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