Holmezilla Strikes Again

Reptilian brains often trigger a strike first response in the puny forearms: Knock the tops off of buildings, topple the electrical towers, fight Mothra‘s larvae.

Many of you already knew that Boise State’s Janet Holmes just can’t get much right. But only two of you correctly guessed a surprise victim in her careless (and libelous) attempts to “out” foetry’s administrator.

And now the truth is out: Janet Holmes once speculated that Jeffrey Levine, editor of Tupelo Press, was the person behind Foetry.com. Strangely enough, Janet was Tupelo’s first contest judge. And Janet’s hubby, Al Greenberg, was published by Tupelo in 2003 under circumstances — according to Janet — that would trouble foetry members. So why did Holmes think that Levine was behind Foetry?

I have no answer, but Holmezilla is a person who snickers at the sexual harassment of students by professors, her Sawtooth contest winner’s lovelife, and poems about Foetry.com, among other things. Maybe it’s time for Janet to retire to Monster Island. We must save POETRY!

2 Responses to “Holmezilla Strikes Again”

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    Mistrust the man who finds everything good, the man who finds everything evil and still more the man who is indifferent to everything…

  2. I know this site is closed, but I wanted to say that I was driven out of poetry partly because of Janet Holmes. She is a vicious, mean person. Sadly, I am not surprised by her behavior towards you. But I am surprised she doesn’t attempt to hide her personality better. I happened to stumble on this site searching for someone besides “Holmezilla”–but I’m glad I found out what became of this nasty, nasty person who writes okay poetry.

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