The CLMP is Proud to Present the Winner of the Nightboat Books Contest

As I feared, the CLMP “ethics” guidelines, endorsed by numerous presses, has generated the first faux-winner in a contest. Joshua Kryah’s Glean was the talk of this year’s AWP conference because it’s the alleged winner of the 2005 Nightboat Poetry Prize, selected by “esteemed” poet, Donald Revell. Strangely enough, Kryah is a PhD student in the creative writing program at UNLV, where he surely knows and/or studies with Revell’s wife, Claudia Keelan.

Start saving your money to enter next year’s Nightboat contest. Esteemed foet Brenda Hillman’s judging. You know, because there are no other poets in the country. She just doesn’t get enough chances to pick her friends at your expense.

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