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Foetry: the 2005 awards (part 1)

The Paris Hilton Review Prize for Self-Promotion goes to forum member WRDWM who spent a month this summer on the site asking eager questions about the National Poetry Series winners and listing underrated poets, one of whom was Patricia Smith, the fired Boston Globe reporter turned slam poet turned serious poet. Within days of her [...]

The CLMP now has an "ethics" statement

NOTE: FOETRY NO LONGER ENDORSES TUPELO PRESS GUIDELINES NOR ANY OF EDITOR, JEFFREY LEVINE’S BUSINESS ENDEAVORS.  (updated 1/20/2010) Tupelo Press (which I have recommended for strong contest guidelines in the past) says they endorse the CLMP Contest Code of Ethics: CLMP Contest Code of Ethics CLMP’s community of independent literary publishers believes that ethical contests [...]