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Author Topic: underground railroad (a daughter's diary)  (Read 2278 times)
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« on: October 25, 2006, 12:33:54 PM »

underground railroad (a daughter’s diary )

at half-past midnight torment strikes as i
am lost without a moment’s peace of sleep
you see there is such unrest in my soul
it lowly lies in tatters— oh but save
old daydreams of an ever-present sketch
wherein there live no dangers taming us

the wilderness presented to them us
whose pride was laid before a stranger eye
as daggers dared to do a darker sketch
which to this day deprives me of my sleep
for one must be alert if they might save
another’s life by giving of their sole

reserve of energy to reach the soul
that dwells in fear & struggles within us
so difficult it does become to save
my sisters and my brothers and yet i
will never fail to set aside the sleep
instead let me arise and start to sketch

schematics for the rescue & then sketch
mechanics for deployment as the sole
resource thru which we’ll confidently sleep
while terror ever threatens to keep us
from calmly closing the collective eye
whose sight it remains paramount to save
akin to how with silence we can save
our breath and using secrets do a sketch
embracing special elements which i
envision as the ones that help a soul
like mine,  in flux,  like every one of us
perpetually trying hard to sleep

but knowing all the time there is no sleep
it’s best to wake and take a stand to save
wearier ones who wander amongst us
we mustn’t let them stay behind the sketch
of freedom’s border for it is our sole
escape from danger held before the eye
they’ll see us in their dreams, but as they sleep
you and i shall serve as those to save
as many as are etched through sketch to soul
© 2006 Carol Elizabeth Owens
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